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Residential Recovery Center Offers Hope

 Harry C., well known in his community for his experience in alcoholism, opened New Hope in 1991 for men with problems of addiction. He knew that these men needed a safe, structured facility that would facilitate their transition into society. 

New Hope Recovery is a Recovery Center for men with alcohol & substance abuse problems. New Hope offers a comprehensive approach to addiction and the responsibilties of living sober by utilizing a program built on the philosophy of the Twelve Steps and stresses the importance of attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The miracle of recovery at New Hope begins as the resident starts the process that enables him to identify and heal the major wounds in his life that led to addiction, alcoholism and co-dependency disorders.

Both addiction and alcoholism are comprised of a three-fold disease, therefore the emotional, physical and spritual issues must be addressed. In an environment of structure and serenity, New Hope Recovery allows men to begin reconnecting to their long forgotten Higher Power and gain insight into their addiction and alcoholism. This empowers these men to begin to live lives based on sound principles. New Hope Recovery strives to provide a facility that supports this transformation. 

From Our Residents...

 "New Hope showed me a new way of living. It gave me the opportunity to be in AA.
It showed me to have a God of my own understanding. Being at New Hope it gave me time to live a good life and learn to be drug free."
With love and thanks
Jessie T.

"God is every where, and He is especially at New Hope Recovery. From my experience God often works through people.
The founding director Harry C. and the present facility manager Jim W. are caring and compassionate towards recovery. New Hope provided a safe and comfortable environment for me when all hope was lost."
God’s best,
G. Lee

"New Hope was an awesome experience for me! If it wasn’t for New Hope I don’t now where I would be today.
When I was at my lowest God lead me to New Hope. I called on His name and begged Him for His help. New Hope has definitely helped give me hope again."
Matt D.

"On Dec. 1, 2006, I came to new Hope Recovery completely broken. Spiritually, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Over the next 14 months I learned how to change my life with the concepts of the program that I was taught at New Hope. I was encouraged to develop a program that worked for me, to find a Higher Power that I believed in, and how to "feel" again without drugs and alcohol. Now more than 4 years clean, I remain forever grateful for New Hope."
Garrett M.

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